Detailed Instructions

  1. Remove the Ball Rescuer device from the box. If it is not pre-installed, install the pressure gauge on the valve on the right side of the lid.
  2. Choose a compatible container of 3 or 4 tennis balls and remove the plastic that covers it to see the balls properly.
  3. Place the container on top of the clamp, putting the thread upwards.
  4. Press the container down holding the clamp. The clamp will open a little near the longitudinal cut and will surround the container.
  5. Raise the clamp upwards until it hits the metal ring of the mouth.
  6. Insert the balls and close the lid with the thread, making sure it is tight.
  7. To close, use both hands, placing one in each of the parts of the lid, without straining or pressing the container itself, or it would be deformed. In doing so, make sure the longitudinal cut is facing outwards. When tightening, turn only the hand that is holding the lid and leave the one with the clamp fixed.
  8. Place the mouth of the inflation pump on the central valve after removing the protective cap. (The pump is not supplied).
  9. Raise the adjustment lever on the back of the pump’s mouth.
  10. Inflate to the desired pressure according to pressure gauge or pump manometer. Before reopening the can, remove the pressure using the purge button. Note: If air loss is detected when pressurizing, empty it completely, open the lid and close it more tightly. It is possible that the first time the seal is not completely seated.

Maintenance of the seal:

The sealing gasket is specially designed to combine the total tightness of the container with an easy opening. If pressure drop is detected, you will need to remove the o’ring and lubricate it with silicon grease, or alternatively with vaseline (second choice).

Inflation pump:

For pressure filling, any bicycle pump that provides more than 35 psi and that has a rear adjustment lever will serve.

Safety warnings

DO NOT PRESSURIZE ABOVE 35 psi, 2,4 bar, 2,4 atm or 2,4 kg/ cm2. Do not pressurize using a compressor. Do not pressurize without balls inside the container. Do not transport by air while being pressurized. Not to be used by children under 14 years of age. Failure to observe these warnings or improper use can result in serious injury.

three-colors pressure indicator

The three-color pressure indicator indicates the following:

  1. Red and yellow bands fully exposed: the pressure is less than l5 psi.
  2. Red band exposed to 50% and yellow to l00%: the pressure is l5 psi (equal to l bar).
  3. Red band exposed to 30% and yellow to l00%: the pressure is 20 psi.
  4. Yellow band hidden and red band exposed to l00%: pressure 30 psi (equal to 2 bars).
  5. Exposed green band, red and yellow hidden: the pressure is 35 psi.

pressurization instructions

As a general rule, the optimal ball recovery pressure is achieved when the three color indicator is completely green, but this pressure may vary depending on the brand and the use of the balls.

For the correct calibration of the pressure, we recommend removing the plastic cover of the container to be able to see the balls properly. If the balls are new and you see that when the pressure rises until the indicator turns green any of them collapse, this means that it   is   in   bad   condition   or   punctured   and   you   will   have   to   throw   it   away. If the balls are old it is normal for them to collapse before the indicator completely passes red. In this case you will have to leave them at a lower pressure (the maximum they can hold without collapsing) and wait 48 or 72 hours. Then continue to raise the pressure every 48 hours until you see that the indicator turns green completely without collapsing. If at the end of the process they cannot stand a pressure of 30 psi, you will have to discard them.

To familiarize yourself with the device, we recommend that the first few times you use new balls with only one match or two that have not been depressurized for more than a couple of days. Recovering old balls is a slow process and one that requires experience. More information and videos at

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