Frequently Asked Questions

How do tennis and padel balls lose their pressure?

Through the porosity of the rubber, due to the repetitive hitting against the racquets and playing surfaces. But just as they lose it, they can also recover it through the same pores.

What is the internal pressure of the tennis and paddle balls?

The pressure is in a range of 12-14 psi.

What is the optimum pressure of the pressurizer for the balls to recover the pressure?

Between 30 and 35 psi for balls that have not been heavily depressurized (balls with a maximum of two matches or less than three days out of the package). Balls that have been fully depressurized at 35 psi pressure will be crushed. See method of recovering old balls in detailed instructions and videos.

How long must the balls be inside the pressurizer?

If they have one or two games, about 48 h. If they have more, 72 h. It will also depend on the taste of each player. There are people who prefer very fast balls and others not so much.

How many games can I play with the same balls using the Ball Rescuer?

You can play until the balls break or lose their hair, perhaps up to more than 20 games, which means a huge saving of money and materials (less waste and CO2 emissions).

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