About our goals

Ball Rescuer© is integrated by three people who love racquet sports and believe that practicing what we like most should not contribute to further deteriorate the beautiful planet in which we live.

That is why we have not only created Ball Rescuer as a tool to extend the life of the balls up to 10 times, but also, with a good part of the profits obtained from its sales, we are collecting the useless balls (at the end of its cycle of repressurization) and are using them again for something else, preventing them from remaining in the ecosystems, where it would take up to 2,500 years to decompose. The uses of the collected balls are:

• Manufacture of sports tracks with rubber base.

• Manufacture of clothing and footwear.

• Controlled energy valuation.

Only in Spain, about 10,000,000 tennis and paddle balls are consumed per year. Around the world about 500 million. In the long term, if each practitioner had a Ball Rescuer, the consumption of balls would be reduced by 90%, from 10 million to 1 million per year in Spain. In addition, with our collection system, we will achieve that one million balls do not end up in landfills, burning uncontrolled or contaminating soils and aquifers.

In the short term (for the first year), our goal is to collect 200,000 balls and ensure that at least 10,000 people regularly and effectively repressurize all their balls.

And so that no one doubts that the proceeds will be used for the intended purpose, we will publish a quarterly report (beginning in 2018) detailing and documenting everything that has been done in that period. We firmly believe that the market economy must be sustainable and that the economic benefit must not be at odds with the care of our valuable natural environment.

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