Stores tennis balls up to a pressure of 35 psi.

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Play up to 15 matches with the same balls.

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We donate 5% of our profit for recycling projects.


Stores tennis balls up to a pressure of 35 psi.

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Play up to 30 matches with the same balls.

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We donate 35% of our profit for recycling projects.

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Pressurize your tennis balls and you will always be the winner


In 5 years the manufacturing and subsequent disposal of up to 1,200 balls and 300 cans will be avoided. All these wastes would take more than 2,500 years to decompose.


With Ball Rescuer you extend the life of tennis balls up to 10 times. The cost of the purchase is amortized in a few months.


We donate 5% of our profit to recycling projects.


the best ball pressurizer in the market

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The Ball Rescuer ball pressurizer consists of two threaded bodies made of plastic, a lid and a flange or clamp.

The lid is characterized for having two valves, a main one for filling air and a secondary one for coupling a pressure gauge. The lid also has a button to release the pressure and to allow comfortable opening before using the balls. In addition, the lid has inside a special o’ring to seal against the original container.

The flange is the part that embraces the ball container and that once placed around it allows it to be threaded to the lid.

small size – light weight – easy opening

Adaptable to several brands of 3 or 4 ball containers.

It is capable of storing three or four balls at a pressure of up to 35 psi, extending their life up to 10 times.

Recovers depressurized balls (not punctured).

Playing two games a week, the investment is amortized in three months.

In five years, it avoids the manufacturing and subsequent disposal of 1,200 balls and 300 containers.

Saves raw materials and reduces emissions.

Made of light and resistant materials.

Easy to use.

Contains detailed pressurization instructions.

Patented, manufactured and assembled in Spain.

para tenis y pádel

how does it work?

  1. Attach the Ball Rescuer to a compatible ball container.
  2. Insert the balls inside the container.
  3. Close the lid with the thread, making sure to tighten it tightly.
  4. Place the mouth of the inflation pump on the filling valve.
  5. Inflate to the desired pressure according to the pressure indicator.
detailed instructions

compatible brands

adaptable to plastic containers

Ball Rescurer is a ball pressurizer compatible with the original plastic containers of tennis and padel balls that allows you to turn them into a pressurizing device that multiplies up to ten times the life of balls.

Buy once a compatible container and use it with any other brand of balls. The same container can be pressurized hundreds of times.

Head Padel Pro y Pro S, Head Padel, Head Championship, Head Radical, Siux Match, Siux Match Pro, Penn Coach.
Dunlop Padel Tournament Quality, Dunlop Team Padel, Dunlop Pro Tour de 3 y 4 bolas, Slazenger Club Padel, Slazenger Championship Hydroguard (3 and 4 balls) Slazenger Max Padel, Slazenger, Donnay Championship.
Models with 95% compatibility are narrower and need to be raised with twenty or thirty turns of packing tape under the neck slit of the package to work at 100%.

Containers currently not compatible for security reasons: Wilson, Artengo, Bullpadel, Babolat, Tecnifibre, Varlion. Not compatible with metal containers.

compatibility guide

with your purchase you will contribute

for a sport free of waste

Corporate social responsibility

We will donate 5% of our profit for recycling projects.

sign up for our 35/15/5 and you'll always win

Store at 35 psi, play up to 15 matches and donate 5%; with these numbers you will never lose again.

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